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Since 1989


Texstar Enterprises is a telecom construction company with turnkey capabilities for fiber optic and coax deployment. We specialize in Aerial and Underground construction (FTTPx, FTTC/N), Splicing, Commercial and Residential Inside Installations (EMT, MDU's) for Fiber/Coax/Telepone Systems, as well as Engineering and Network Audits. We also have equipment available for portable concrete and flowable fill projects of any scope and size. Texstar has the capabilities to perform all aspects of aerial and underground line construction, repair, and maintenance. 


Texstar's operational objective is performing Engineering, Procurment, and Construction Management services on behalf of our clients, and to see that you are completely satisfied with our delivery and performance. Our Team is staffed with qualified and experienced personnel - many with over 20 years in the industry - and our managers and supervisors have the ability to gear up quickly, meet difficult deadlines, and to construct installations under severe conditions. We are very proud of our organization and the dedication of our employees.  


Texstar has constructed telecommunication systems in cities all over Texas, Oregon, and Washington in our direct operations areas. We have also completed system builds in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Lousiana (which included network disaster response and relief) and we have the capacity and willingness to deploy and serve the majority of the United States. We maintain a large fleet of trucks and equipment with inside mechanical fleet services, along with ongoing safety training, compliance, and continued employee training. 


A safe work environment is always our primary concern at Texstar Enterprises, followed immediately by the workmanship of our product. We are fully committed to the satisfaction of our customers and strive continuously to exceed all expectations. Texstar has a proven track record of Safety, Knowledge, Integrity, Quality, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction.



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Texstar Enterprises, LLC

Texstar Enterprises, LLC. Company...

In 1989, after 9 years of experience in the telecom construction industry, Christopher Howard opened the doors of his sole proprietorship, CGH Construction

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